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What is Biz Owners Ed?

Biz Owners Ed is an organization that meets every year for one night a week, over the course of 10 weeks.  During that time, highly experienced and trusted entrepreneurs and business people come to speak and teach to a carefully selected class of 12 business owners about how to scale, and ultimately exit their businesses.  


Annual Meetings

BOE meets every year for one night a week, over a period of 10 weeks from January-March.

Annual Class

Inside the yearly meeting course, there is a class of 12 entrepreneurs who have applied and been accepted upon meeting certain company criteria.

Annual Gallery

In addition to the class, anyone who is interested in sitting in on the annual meetings is allowed to attend as a gallery member for every meeting during the 10 week period.

Ongoing Content

After the 10 week annual course, podcasts and other content are published on a frequent basis to continue the learning for the other 42 weeks the year.

Who We Are

Biz Owners Ed is an organization that puts business owners looking to scale and sell their companies into close proximity with high volume, incredibly successful serial entrepreneurs.  

BOE Podcast

"You have to create more value, real and perceived, than you are giving."

- Jack Furst, Investor



"My business has a constitution and I never veer away from that.  If I do, it is no longer my company."

- Lea Ellermeier, CEO 2C Dental

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"If all you are doing is doing, you are caught in a tactical environment.  You must create time for thinking to strategize and create the vision for your company."

- Joe Kesterson, President Titan Homes

"I was a member of the inaugural class of BOE. What I got out of it was a lot of great contacts, both with the peers who were in the group with me and then the mentors who were there. I also got a lot of good business nuggets. Whether it was regarding human resources, finance, raising capital, structuring your board of directors...there were just a lot of great nuggets that you could take back and put into action right away. I recommend the class to any future candidate who might be considering it."

Bruce Shultz

CEO The Boardroom for Men

"I was really quite blown away by the experience. Not only did I learn things that I've never heard of before as a serial entrepreneur for the past 20 years, but I also met with with a caliber and quality of mentor I never would have had the privilege of sitting down with in any other setting. I learned so much about business. I learned ways to improve my revenues and how to handle my employees. But the most important thing for me about Biz Owners Ed was that it reawakened in me a thirst for learning. I really believe, as we are already here for our reunion a few months later, that I'll have the relationships that I formed forever."

Eve Mayer

CEO Eve Mayer Media

Stewart Hsu, a Principal at CONTI Organization, has been responsible for the acquisition and management of over $89M of multi-family real estate assets in Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. CONTI lists over 2,200,000 rentable square feet in those markets. With a multi-million dollar revenue stream, Stewart has been responsible for investor relations, overseeing asset management operations and financial modeling, as well as return analysis for potential acquisitions. One of Stewart's favorites quote says: "the purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those who follow." Biz Owners Ed has certainly fulfilled that purpose in my life.

Stewart Hsu

President Conti

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